Our Philosophy

Our equity investment philosophy is rooted in a disciplined, patient investment approach that incorporates elements of value and growth investing. Our goal is to participate in up markets and protect capital when markets decline. Capital preservation is our overriding investment priority.

Ours is a patient investment approach with a long-term perspective. We invest in businesses, focusing on the fundamentals and valuations of these businesses rather than the daily ups and downs of the stock market. We look for great businesses that are good investments considering the economic cycle, and make meaningful investments in each of them.

Our Investment Approach:

Our Fixed Income Investments Philosophy

Our philosophy for managing fixed income is to generate income while preserving capital. We take a disciplined investment approach in order to add positive incremental gains over time. We begin by developing an overall view of the economy and the state of the capital markets, and then determine how this view is reflected in the bond market. We continually monitor the risk in the portfolio, and adjust our holdings in line with the changing investment outlook.

In our view fixed income (bonds, or preferred shares) is a key component to a well diversified portfolio.

The three key reasons to own Fixed Income:

  1. To provide a stable stream of income. 

    Fixed Income contributes to an investor’s cash flow requirement.

  2. To reduce portfolio volatility

    Fixed Income helps to offset the price fluctuations in the equity component of an investment portfolio. Generally, fixed income provides stability and lower overall volatility in an investor’s portfolio.

  3. To preserve capital

    Fixed Income often performs well when equities experience a downturn. Owning fixed income therefore helps to stabilize returns and protect capital during periods of weakness in the market.

Our Investment Approach: